Taking a Rest, but getting ready for Spring 2015 pups

We have all enjoyed this beautiful Indian Summer.  My “Blondes” (Kali and Saddie) and I have been roaming the trails on the hills out the back door, staying fit and happy.  It was a good idea to take a break from puppies this fall.  BUT many, many people are waiting for more pups.  Right now Kali’s next litter is sold out with deposits on 9 pups.   It is silly to try to predict, but my educated guess is Kali may have pups around April.   Young Saddie just finished her cycle, so she may be ready to mate around May/June for a late summer litter.  If you are in the growing Fan Club who dream of a puppy, then e-mail me at doubledranch@cleelum.com to start the screening process to secure a puppy.  Sorry….I don’t respond to messages that come through this page


  1. Ann Conrad says:

    Hello….I found your website and would like to know if you have any puppies in the mill? We have an 8-year old yellow lab who is our bud, but who might love a friend. Also if you have an older lab who might need a home, we live out in the country N of Pasco.

    We are looking for a great companion dog, calm and loving.

    Thank you!

    • The Double D Ranch says:

      Thank you for your interest in our pups. Our first litter, Kali/Bo, is sold out. Kali has not come in heat, so I don’t know when those pups will be born. Our second 2015 litter, from Saddie will be later in the summer. We are still deciding who she will be mated with. Her litter is half sold out. If you are interested in a Saddie pup, the first step is to email me and tell me your dog experience if any, and attach pictures of your family and dog set up (yard, etc.) Thank you, Diane

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