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Welcome to our new Everything!  Our new name Legacy Mountain Ranch reflects decades of family legacy on this bit of God’s country-established in 1972.  Beautiful mountains surround this humble ranch that has raised so much over the years: Welsh ponies, Arabian horses, chickens, goats, turkeys, hay, kids, grandkids, and now Labrador puppies!  Our new momma Saddie is expecting her first litter.  She must be feeling her new hormones, because she is determined to lick everything-especially me!  Her litter is sold out, but we are keeping a priority wait list of super good families.  Feel free to apply by sending us an email.

Saddie is two!

Saddie 2 yr old evening walk w Kali Road walk 2 years oldSaddie turned 2 on 1/02/15.

She has grown into a beautiful girl who listens and love belly rubs and has a funny way of rolling her eyes when she needs attention.  She has had her OFA X-rays and will have her eye OFA exam 2/3/15.  She is a joy!

Kali has not come in heat yet, but her litter is ALL SOLD OUT!!

Saddie’s litter expected later in the summer is MOSTLY sold out.  Just a few slots left.


December 12, 2014

OUR NEW EMAIL ADDRESS IS    doubledranch@outlook.com    Lots of computer problems here…I’d much rather be out walking the dogs…..new computer coming in a few weeks.  For now the best way to contact me is by phone: 509-674-0889   Thanks for your patience–mine is wearing thin with ‘technology”!!!  Otherwise all is well with our two wonderful blonde beauties.  Saddie is growing into such a lovely, pretty, nice girl.  She will be 2 years old in a few weeks and she is becoming more and more like her momma Kali.  I’m researching the “perfect” mate for her and will do a road trip soon to “meet” some boys I have my eye on.   Have a Blessed, Merry Christmas!

Taking a Rest, but getting ready for Spring 2015 pups

We have all enjoyed this beautiful Indian Summer.  My “Blondes” (Kali and Saddie) and I have been roaming the trails on the hills out the back door, staying fit and happy.  It was a good idea to take a break from puppies this fall.  BUT many, many people are waiting for more pups.  Right now Kali’s next litter is sold out with deposits on 9 pups.   It is silly to try to predict, but my educated guess is Kali may have pups around April.   Young Saddie just finished her cycle, so she may be ready to mate around May/June for a late summer litter.  If you are in the growing Fan Club who dream of a puppy, then e-mail me at doubledranch@cleelum.com to start the screening process to secure a puppy.  Sorry….I don’t respond to messages that come through this page

Ready to go home

It’s all getting sorted out and I am very pleased!  So far everyone is getting the puppy they fell in love with–the one I would have picked for them.  PLUS  I have a wonderful couple doing a breeding lease with me.  This means I get to keep a female for future puppies.  Just what I’d hoped for!

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